Production, bottling and distribution of the mineral water Izvorul Rece

apa naturala plata

Our company produces and distributes natural spring water packaged in 19L polycarbonate bottles.

Presently we serve a large number of clients from the regions of Arges and Bucharest with full-service packages that include polycarbonate 19L bottles, electric fountains, supports for plastic glasses.

Izvorul Rece is a natural water, microbiologically pure, in a natural state, from a source open in depth at 195 - 216 m in the aquifer of the Darmanesti-Arges, a natural water without chemical treatment with a pleasant taste for drinking, who can be used for the preparation of a tea or of a quality coffee.

It is a water with exceptional qualities that can be consumed at any time by everybody.

apa naturala plata apa naturala plata